We’ll be OPEN for U Pick Tuesday 5/17 through Friday 5/20 every morning from 9am until 12noon!

Great news! We’ll be OPEN weekday mornings this week from 9am until 12noon. Beat the heat and pick a bucket of delicious Kirkland Farms Blueberries! We’ll also be OPEN this coming Saturday 5/21 and Sunday 5/22.

U Pick Hours are CHANGED on Sunday 5/15 and we’ll be OPEN ONLY IN THE MORNING from 8:30-12noon

For those who’ve been out to the farm over the past few days you know that our bushes are LOADED with ripe berries and we MUST get them harvested. On Sunday we’ll be open for U Pick ONLY from 8:30am – 12 noon and then a commercial crew will take over to pick the ripest berries before they fall off the bushes. Come by on Sunday 5/15 from 8:30 am – 12noon for U Pick !

OPEN for U PICK Saturday 5/14 and Sunday 5/15

We’re open for U Pick this weekend! Saturday 5/14 from 9am – 2pm and Sunday 5/15 from 9am – 3pm. And we’ve reduced our price! The bushes are LOADED with delicious berries and we hope to see you at the farm!

Weekday U Pick Now Available!

Our commercial operations are finished and we will now be open EVERY day for U Pick starting May 9th. Monday through Friday hours will be 9am – 12noon. Saturday hours will be 9am – 2pm and Sunday we’ll be open 9am – 3pm. Bushes are LOADED with delicious blueberries and we look forward to seeing you at the Farm!